KUIU Hard Case 50X14i

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The design goals for the KUIU hard cases were clear from the beginning. What we wanted was not available on the market today without DIY modifications and customization. First, we wanted uncompromised protection—the last thing you need on a hunt is showing up damaged firearm, bow, or gear. That is why we partnered with SKB, the best in the industry. It’s waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and luggage-handler proof. In addition, it floats. The next design goal was to maximize internal storage space. The days are gone of removing thick oversized padding and replace it lighter and thinner material—especially since every seasoned traveler/hunter uses their clothing and soft gear as padding. Leveraging thin, ultralight, high-density foam, protection is not sacrificed, and storage space is increased. Last, without sacrificing durability, it must be ultralight. Most airlines, especially smaller charter planes that get you into faraway places, only allow 50 pounds. With a minimum weight of 21.3 pounds (with foam divider removed) you can pack more gear than ever before. Spec’d with SKB’s lightest shell, foam, handles, wheels, latches, and hardware, it punches well above its weight. With a limited quantities available, and a look and colorway unique to only KUIU, your case is easily recognizable among a sea of luggage.



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