KUIU Kutana Stretch Woven Short | Ash

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The Kutana Stretch Woven Short answers the request for a lightweight short with enhanced pick and abrasion resistance. Made from Toray Primeflex Nylon fabric, it boasts incredible tear strength and durability, allowing us to build a short much tougher than other products in its weight class. Most stretch nylons are based on spandex, which absorbs and retains moisture, grows odor causing bacteria, and breaks down over time. Toray stretch nylons gain stretch from the shape of the fiber and the fabric structure, eliminating spandex for better performance and longevity. This short features an action gusset to allow for a full range of unrestricted movement, while low-profile rear and cargo pockets provide storage with minimal bulk. It’s treated with MAKSPEC® to reduce bacterial odor, and K-DWR® to repel water and stains.


30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42

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