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The new Women’s PRO Pack Suspension is ultralight as possible without sacrificing the needed comfort to take on the weight of success. Built with ample adjustability in the shoulder straps, lumbar, and waist belt, it is fully customizable for a perfectly tailored fit. Leveraging dual-density foam throughout the hip belt wings and lumbar pad, the waist belt supports the high-pressure areas under heavy pack weight. The integrated lumbar support is positioned slightly above the belt-wings for added lower-back support. The lumbar pad has 1.5 in/ 3.8 cm of vertical adjustability, with the option of adding a .40 in/1 cm foam insert for a custom fit. The shoulder straps are wide and soft for increased stability and comfort. Against your back, the straps have a wider stance, which adds comfort and minimizes a heavy pack from swaying or rolling as you navigate difficult terrain. The ported open-back design promotes air flow and draws heat away from your body. The new next-to-body spacer mesh lining is more durable and breathable than previous designs. Built in T-lock straps offer 4 in/10 cm of torso length adjustment.


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